Final salary pension transfer advice

Making the right decision on your pension can be critical to your financial stability, and future lifestyle, so it’s critical to get the decision absolutely right for you. 

We put you at the centre of the pension decision process.

To help you make the right decision for your final salary pension, we will take you through a clear, simple, transparent, and regulated process. This process ensures that each option is analysed in detail and risk assessed to ensure it is right for you, as determined by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The process is in four clear steps:

Step 1 – Understand your existing financial position and pension arrangements.

We start right at the beginning. This step details your existing financial position, your pension, your assets and your living costs. 
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final salary pension early retirement

Step 2 – Final salary pension transfer advice - Clarify your future income sources, personal objectives and financial needs.

This step takes time to understand your desired income, your future entitlements, your critical future expenditure dates, your life goals and your aims for flexibility and inheritance.

Step 3 –Detailed financial forecasting, analysis and a proposal following a regulated process to determine the pension option which best meets your needs, and passes the strict regulatory rules.

This step gives you a clear comparison between how your existing pension arrangements could meet our objectives versus alternative proposals. We will clearly highlight what the legal regulatory process, and we, think is best for you.
A person analysing financial graphs and charts for the pension decision process
A person reviewing financial data for the pension decision process

Step 4 – Review and manage the pension performance to ensure your pension is meeting your financial goals and needs, and optimise all the opportunities as markets and products change.

This ongoing review service ensures your pension and financials  continue to match your aspirations taking account of your changing circumstances, risks and the changing economic environment. 
If you would like to explore and discuss the options for your final salary pension transfer, - helping you make the right decision on your pension 
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