We help clients make the right decisions regarding their final salary pension scheme.

Pensions are a central piece of your financial security and enjoyment as you get older, so it's critical you make the right decisions for you, having considered all the risks and opportunities.

To ensure you make the right decision we take you through a disciplined four stage process
final salary pension scheme

At agilepensions.uk our core focus is you, so we engage you all the way through the decision process.

Happy couple talking with an advisor about their final salary pension scheme

We take time to;

  • Understand your existing financial position and pension arrangements.
  • Clarify your future income sources, personal objectives and financial needs.
  • Undertake detailed financial forecasting, analysis and a proposal following a regulated process to determine the pension option which best meet your needs, and passes the strict regulatory hurdles, to gives you appropriate financial protection and cover.

Any decision regarding your final salary pension transfer, is regulated and monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

The great news for you, is that this means I must be appropriately trained and supported by an approved financial business plus this ensures the advice you're given is insured against bad advice and company failure.

Current legislation requires you to take advice from a qualified pension transfer specialist if you’re transferring £30,000 or over.
To help you make the right decision for your final salary pension, we will take you through a clear, simple, transparent, and regulated four step process. 
If you would like to explore and discuss the options for your final salary pension transfer,
agilepensions.uk - helping you make the right decision on your pension 
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